Get things done. In flow.

Francesco Pifferi, Esther Miriam Cook, Massimo Giorgini.

Are you a team leader, activist or business owner?

Do you lead groups at work, at home, or in the community? Would you like to grow a group full of joy, purpose and resilience?

In these challenging times, some days it can seem like conflict is everywhere, in our relationships both personal and professional, and on a global level. Are you tired of this culture of “us against them”?

We three friends wrote this book because we believe that there is a better way of using everyone’s different experiences and abilities to solve everyday problems – by encouraging our collective intelligence to flow.

Together we explore tools for managing conflict, decision making, problem solving, and co-leadership, so that we can build groups that will truly thrive.

Available now in print or ebook versions.

Ingredients for Collective intelligence

Cook Esther Miriam

has been a facilitator and project manager for more than twenty years, focussing on social change. She believes that each group already possesses all of the skills and competencies it needs to make a positive difference, and that by truly connecting with what each member has to offer, we can maximise the effectiveness of any group. She has led and worked on projects in various fields including mental health, education and the environment.

She has facilitated different types of groups including anger management courses, senior management coaching circles and Nonviolent Communication practice groups. She has a first degree in Politics and a master’s in Sociology and Psychodynamics. She is also a co-founder of the Compassionate Connection project, based mainly in northern England, which aims to promote more conscious and authentic ways of connecting and communicating.

She lives in the beautiful English city of York with her husband and enjoys green tea and good conversation.

Pifferi Francesco

has been engaged for over fifteen years in conflict resolution as a professional civil and commercial conciliator for the mediation bodies of numerous Chambers of Commerce. With a degree and two masters of Law (LLM) obtained in Holland and in the United States, he embarked upon the path of international law and alternative conflict resolution as a lawyer for over two decades.

From 2014, he has been heading an innovative start-up project in the agri-food sector. Since 2010, he has taught and trained others in the use and practice of empathic communication (aka Nonviolent Communication – M.B. Rosenberg) working with individuals in mediation and group facilitation. This has led him to focus, more recently, on the activation and development of collective intelligence: a fresh way of conceiving leadership, team building, and problem solving within organisations and businesses.

He is based in London, England, and enjoys travelling and living abroad whenever he has the chance.

Giorgini Massimo

has been involved for eighteen years in the development of the potential of individuals, groups and organisations in both social and professional contexts. Since 2010, he has been professionally active as a group counsellor and facilitator, helping individuals to effectively express their potential and groups to fully implement their collective intelligence. He designs and delivers training courses at Bologna’s Albero della Vita (Tree of Life) cultural association and he’s a trainer in Bologna’s Consultorio UCIPEM. His background is multidisciplinary and combines science with humanities.

Driven by the desire to discover the secrets of “the universe, he achieved his degree in Physics in 1995 and immediately after became an entrepreneur, establishing an internet services company. Having fostered an interest since university in personal development, in 2000 he began teaching meditation and personal growth workshops. In 2005, he obtained his second degree, this time in Philosophy, which allowed him to delve into a systemic vision of the world emerging from quantum physics and life science. The inquiry of system thinking led him in 2019 to the third degree in Psychology, which allowed him to deepen the ecological thinking of Gregory and Nora Bateson.

He lives with his family in Valsamoggia, surrounded by Bologna’s beautiful green foothills.

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Shared values

The book "Ingredients for collective intelligence" is adopted as a reference text in the facilitation workshops of the Tree of Life Association - ETS and the Human Permaculture School.

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Ingredients for Collective intelligence

How to run a living group that gets things done in flow

We are facing times of great change. Some days it feels like conflict is everywhere, at home, in school, at work, on a global level. Are you tired of this culture of confrontation, of “us against them”?

There is a better way of using our different experiences and abilities to solve everyday problems – by encouraging our collective intelligence to flow.

In this book we have put together our favourite “ingredients” and “recipes” for you so that you can effectively promote the collective intelligence of your group, whether you are in the business world or charity sector, or want to support your work team, activist group or social circle.

Together we will explore tools for managing conflict, decision making, problem solving, leadership and co-leadership, so that we can build working groups with truly shared values.

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