Book Ingredients for Collective intelligence - Libro Ingredienti per l'intelligenza collettiva

Ingredients for Collective Intelligence.

By Francesco Pifferi, Esther Miriam Cook and Massimo Giorgini.

Get things done. In flow.

Are you a team leader, activist or business owner? Do you lead groups at work, at home, or in the community? Would you like to grow a group full of joy, purpose and resilience?
In these challenging times, some days it can seem like conflict is everywhere, in our relationships both personal and professional, and on a global level. Are you tired of this culture of “us against them”?
We three friends wrote this book because we believe that there is a better way of using everyone’s different experiences and abilities to solve everyday problems – by encouraging our collective intelligence to flow.
In this book we have put together our favourite “ingredients” and “recipes” for you to effectively increase the collective intelligence of your group, whether you are in the business world or charity sector, for your work team or social circle.
Together we explore tools for managing conflict, decision making, problem solving, and co-leadership, so that we can build groups that will truly thrive.

The autors Francesco Pifferi, Esther Miriam Cook and Massimo Giorgini are members of “Albero della Vita ETS”

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